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MOTU UltraLite-mk3

We recommend: MOTU Traveler-mk3
external, interface FireWire, CAP 24 bit / 192 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 192 kGc
The Type Ofexternal
Connection interfaceFireWire
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER192 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency192 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs16
MIDI Input[yes] 1
MIDI Output[yes] 1
Sound Addict 02.09.2011 в 23:12

If be going to WORK with a sound - to take. If only to listen and play about, choose something another.

At me actually not MK3, and UltraLajt is simple. To maniacs on a sound and audiofilam it can and it will not be pleasant, but for people who work with a sound is one of the best variants IMHO. It will be better than it only RME which costs almost twice more expensively. And a difference only in hardly the best sound and a virtual mixer. Very convenient in work and a stable card.
concerning a sound. Was at me once RME HDSP 9632 - at the SQUANDERER it is sensitive more the bottom, and top not such crystal is smeared. But believe, for you this difference will play a role only in the event that you write music for the Madonna or Eltona John.
support to the SQUANDERER a little upsets. To a card I could get a manual only recently and that to MK3 though as a matter of fact it and is not necessary to me it has appeared. The driver normally spread, and manuals for some reason for money (!).
In the rest - as they say - has included and has forgotten.
Compactness, Universality, Stability, Convenience in work.
not such collected bottom and not such crystal top, as at RME. But it is better than others unequivocally. Support of the manufacturer.