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M-Audio Fast Track Pro

We recommend: M-Audio Delta 44
external, interface USB, CAP 24 bit / 96 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 96 kGc
The Type Ofexternal
Connection interfaceUSB
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER96 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency96 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs9
S/PDIF[yes] 2
MIDI Input[yes] 1
MIDI Output[yes] 1
Cheslav Grey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Abundance of pluses will pleasantly surprise you. Take.

completely I join the previous response. Even I do not know that new it is possible to write still. The card is good. Holds work confidently, a sound good.
the abundance of ports will please any creative music fan.

personally I connect in a network zvukovuhu, sint (Roland Fantom G6), gitarku (Cort X-6 SA) and mik (Audix OM-11). All perfectly works. Registers in Kubejse and Frutike on hurrah.

I Recommend to all.
tonal quality, quality of assemblage, set of ports and krutilok, mobility (spyorunyos), the USB-interface (all laptops - yours)))
Yet has not found.
Daniel 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Ideal variant for mobile record and house studio. Easy in switching. It is stable in work.

Every year catches up with number of music fans. Presently is born more and more styles in which the person, at all vladaeyushiiy game technics on a musical instrument, is capable to create own compositions occupying tops of charts.

in my opinion to create music without audiointerface presence not that that would be impossible, but it is very difficult.

organising the house studio and planning to write down basically live tools, my criteria for a choice of a sound map were:

1) Irreproachable work of the ASIO-driver (it is the driver which is ensuring functioning of modern programs Nuendo, Cubase SX, Logic Studio with the minimum delays of processing of a signal)
2) Presence at least 2 inputs independent from each other
3) Presence of a phantom food +48V for condenser microphones
4) Work from tyre USB (in connection with absence of port FireWire in the laptop)
5) MIDI-interface Presence (though the last it would be possible and to lower, prisutsvuyut adapters of type MIDI-USB but to find them in Belarus difficult enough)

Choosing, compared models Creative Tracker Pre USB 2.0, Creative E-MU 0404 and M-Audio Fast Track Pro.
Having re-read a heap of books, gradually driving to sense of mysterious figures (it is my first audiointerface), on a twist of fate I managed to get for small enough money new map M-Audio Fast Track Pro. (Therefore also irony that for small money:) )
Well as Leonardo da Vinci spoke: "Opyt - is true uchitel'". I will pass to the description of a card such what I have seen it in the third month of use. Ordered a card from auction ebay, the Chinese assemblage collected under licence M-AUDIO.

the Case:
Strong plastic, is steady enough against scratches.Vse on a place: handles turn smoothly, buttons are pressed accurately, any lyuftov and defects as assemblage has not found out. From below cards are present rubber legs which keep in some measure an immovability on a sliding surface. There is an effect of reliability. Quality of assemblage the ideal.

an estimation: 5 from 5

the Complete set:
In a box has found out only an USB-cable, the audiointerface, a disk with the drivers, two programs: Demo-version Pro Tools and Ableton Live and books-instructions, the guarantee coupon. The driver are updated, is on an official site. In a map prisutsvuet the plug for the power unit, (if the card is used as ocifrovshik audio without the computer), could put already block to a box) In creatives, in my opinion, go in the complete set) Well all right.

an estimation: 4 from 5

Communication with the computer:
the Device eats only from USB, any additional power supplies does not demand.
for record I use the laptop. An operating system: licence Windows 7, 32-bit. The audiointerface with it has made friends quickly, the driver were put by the automatic machine. However, if want to receive panel'ku with management (ASIO the delay there is adjusted, what inputs-exits to use, frequency of digitization, word length gets out), it is necessary to download them from a site of the company or to establish from a disk.
The more to expose last two values from the offer above, the it will be necessary to expose a delay more, and to refuse several parametres, and that will strongly crack) in general, in the maximum mode 96/24 can work only 2 mono an input. In my case, more or less tolerable work of the device is reached in a mode 24 bit + 512 samples on control ASIO.Zaderjka approximately 13-14 ms. A middle tier indicator, in my opinion. Probably the print adjusts use of tyre USB 1.1, I do not know.

an estimation: 4 from 5

device Work:
the Sound recording without censures, inputs with noise low level. Is perekljuchateli:linejnyj / a tool signal... Well, the person I have not heard a difference... Can, there figures as show, but to us practice is important. Probably then something I will hear). With kubeiysom all has perfectly made friends and adjusted =)
Are present 2 TRS an exit, raspolojenye from the back party. It is useful, if is analogue jelezyaki: rever or horus, an equalizer... Well or something else - it is possible to connect.
not so pleasant moments Were found out at record. We will admit, we create mono a path and we remove a sound from the left input. Also happens not clearly, for what reason suddenly he on itself(himself) changes on the right. It occurs not often, but happens. Sometimes after such focus it was necessary to copy completely all path.
pleases an eye presence of indicators of peak and strengthening regulators. Also it is convenient monitorit' a signal. There is a parity regulator: before processing. The powerful and qualitative target plug for ear-phones.
two inputs on an obverse part can work or in a mode mono - then the signal is distributed on a panorama, or in a stereo - then right imput sounds in the right ear and left in the left.)
With MIDI the card too works perfectly. Undoubtedly modern MIDI-KEYBOARDS have USB the interface, but my old kibord does not know such words, therefore without problems has made friends with Fast Trackom. Censures are not present.

As to reproduction, there are no claims. The sound leaves accurate sated. Pereslushal all compositions on the computer in a new fashion. Such frequencies which you will not hear on the map built in the laptop that has pleased)
are audible But sometimes appears at reproduction a crash. Even on the maximum delay ASIO!! It is treated by audiointerface inclusion/deenergizing. Well it is trifles. Such occurs infrequently.
in general such, that "sleteli" the driver for three months of work it was not observed. All accurately and stably works. Has included a map - the sound goes through it, has switched off - goes through built in the laptop.

an estimation: 4 from 5

the Result - certainly, 300 dollars for such card mnogovato. Abroad they cost cheaper in times. But pleases an eye a phantom food, MIDI the interface, presence of many inputs and exits, kombinirovanye plugs in which it is possible to thrust both XLR and Jack the tip.
in general, proceeding from the requirements I am happy. Device flaws are covered priemushestvami) Lacks they at all are, it is necessary to be able to forgive. It does the world more kindly and more brightly. So, my estimation: 4 - it is good.
a phantom food, MIDI-intrefejs. It is a lot of inputs/exits. A food only from USB.
Small glitches in work, version 1.1 tyre USB