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Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series (SB0886)

internal, 7.1, interface PCI-E, CAP 24 bit / 192 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 96 kGc
The Type Ofinternal
Number of channels7.1
Connection interfacePCI-E
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER192 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency96 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs5
S/PDIF[yes] 2
MIDI Input[no]
MIDI Output[no]
Alexander 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Creative - the Creative approach...

Excellent "zvukovuha", completely justifies itself and spent on its money. There is a truth much, but for those at whom ideal hearing it that is necessary. I use some months, any serious problems did not observe. At first at microphone connection, the sound was reproduced with some backlog, but later all was normalised (most likely my defect), few times system swore on the driver ha20x22k (it concerns sound map Creative) I have faced the Dark blue Screen of Death (BSOD) but after has downloaded the beta-version of "fire wood" and have simply imposed on the cores all have settled into shape. In films and games a sound worthy if not to tell bol'shego, about musical execution I simply am silent. Certainly and acoustics should be up to standard, the meaning of acquisition such "sound" differently is lost. Pleases presence of 2 optical exits (an input and an exit) which can be used with game consoles or A/V-receivers. On a map 64 Mb of memory (Creative names it X-RAM) which can be used some games for increase in the general productivity of system are established.
presence of such functional capabilities as X-Fi Crystalizer, X-Fi CMSS-3D Virtual and "What U Hear" deduce a map absolutely on other level. Especially I was pleased with presence of two modes Entertainment and Game.
to Describe all its possibilities too long, to esteem any of tests easier but if to speak in brief that this model is worthy praises.
interface PCI Express, 64 Mb X-RAM, 2 optich. (An input and an exit).i etc.
Underfulfilled ON (can occupy a lot of time at installation), vysokovataya the price.