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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 (SB1090)

external, 5.1, interface USB, CAP 24 bit / 96 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 192 kGc
Date of entry2009
The Type Ofexternal
Number of channels5.1
Connection interfaceUSB
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER96 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency192 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs4
MIDI Input[no]
MIDI Output[no]
Evgenie 02.09.2011 в 23:12

I Advise to take.

all greetings. Has bought this piece. I listen with HD 215 (32OM)
After a usual card in the laptop - the sky and the earth.
I liked a software: beautifully, functionally enough.
on a card there are many reviews.
I will tell from myself: the sound becomes brighter and colourful.
there is a panel - very conveniently.
to all I advise.

the only thing, I expected bol'sheiy target capacity.
but it is required seldom:)
Excellent model for this price. The decision for fans of music with laptops. A functional SOFTWARE.
there is no capacity a little.