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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro (SB055A/SB0510)

internal, 7.1, interface PCI, CAP 24 bit / 192 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 96 kGc
Date of entry2009
The Type Ofinternal
Number of channels7.1
Connection interfacePCI
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER192 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency96 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs4
MIDI Input[yes] 1
MIDI Output[yes] 1
Microphone inputs
Headphone output
Line inputs[yes] 2
Max de Valmont 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Best choice for those who appreciates, first of all, tonal quality!

I Am the happy owner of the given model of a sound map.
briefly: the best sound map for today, even for the most exacting music fans! Costs expensively enough, but impressions of it though take away.
design, a complete set, tonal quality, support by the software, feature set.
the price for many will seem to the transcendental.