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ASUS Xonar Essence STX

internal, interface PCI-E, CAP 24 bit / 192 kGc, ACP 24 bit / 192 kGc
The Type Ofinternal
Connection interface
Cifroanalogovoe conversion24-bit
Sampling rate CONVERTER192 kHz
Analog-digital conversion24-bit
ADC sampling frequency192 kHz
The number of line inputs/outputs2
S/PDIF[yes] 3
MIDI Input[no]
MIDI Output[no]
Artyom 02.09.2011 в 23:12

is valid Hi-Fi

To free time from work has dared to write a response about the given audiomap. Has bought it almost 2 months ago. At once did not begin to write a response as first there was no corresponding equipment for a sounding estimation (collected the system in parts moderately financial possibilities), secondly, waited so-called
the Wonderful frequency range, a good portrayal of a scene, very noise low level.
big. On the size almost as videkarta GeForce GTS 250. At purchase necessarily estimate the future site of a map in the case that was where it to insert.
Oleg 02.09.2011 в 23:12

you Like to listen to music? Then run in shop behind it!

used zv.kartami from Creative Earlier, were both SB SE and X-Fi Xtreme Audio and X-Fi Titanium.

But then (6 months ago) has bought this map, in hope that it will be better previous. Also was not mistaken!!! The sound simply fantastic, is much better than at everyones there Creative and other nonsense.

this sound map only for listening of music also it is desirable not in mp3 a format and in FLAC, APE a format.
it is possible to replace OU, them there three pieces. The choice is great, therefore a map it is possible tviknut' on the taste. Also, there is a built in amplifier for ear-phones 30 - 600 ohm (are connected on a separate line). On a map there is a shielding from electromagnetic radiations. A map only for stereo-systems 2.0.

As the map, demands obligatory connection of an additional food from BP, is connected usual moleks.
However zv.karta does not approach for record from real tools because Asio works with a delay at 30-40.
In games it is possible to include support EAX 2.0.

the Main rule for this zv.karty good columns are necessary it is desirable hi-fi or topovaya mul'timediya for 200-300$ or good ear-phones at the price of not less 100$.
the Crystal-clear sound!!! cmennye OU, the built in amplifier, shielding.
stable Asio only 30-40, channels - only 2.0 (for someone it can be a minus)